vision4Our students need more from us than any one person can provide.  The only viable option to reach all of our students is collaboration with a team of caring adults, both teachers and parents alike.    Teachers are stretched so thin.  Class sizes, district and state mandates, testing requirements, kids arriving at school with more social and emotional needs than ever before.  My greatest innovations have come from working collaboratively with others: bouncing ideas off each other, providing feedback.  Working as a peer coach with colleagues has allowed me to guide and empower them in their teaching with technology and literacy.  I have also been blessed with many opportunities to assist parents with student issues, especially in regards to literacy development efforts.  When students see that the teachers in their school (and not just their classroom teacher) care about them and work with their parents to find solutions, their learning (and our teaching) reaches new heights.  

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke more eloquently of the characteristics of an outstanding collaborator in a 2013 Duke University video.  He references seeking out people with skills that are all-too-often rare: someone who is not credit-seeking or political; someone who’s “wicked smart”; those who appreciate and seek to understand differing points of view; individuals who care deeply about their work; and finally, that rare breed of worker who understands and acknowledges that they need help to push their ideas further (Duke University – The Fuqua School of Business, 2013).  As I continue my career and continuing education, I think those ideals are eminently worthy of emulation.

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