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Digital Readiness Project

digital-readiness-project-1I’m excited to share my Digital Readiness Project infographic as well as some of the outcomes of the process thus far.  The following is a report of findings based on conversations with my building administrator and classroom teachers, as well as from readings (w/ an emphasis on Dr. Mike Ribble’s “Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship”) and additional coursework from my M.Ed. program at Seattle Pacific University. Continue reading

Mission and Vision: Technology & Balance

level1I realize that this vision and mission statement which I am formally presenting as part of a classroom assignment in my Masters of Education in Digital Educational Leadership program, in fact, seldom mentions technology.  At first glance that worried me, but as I considered the ramifications of the omission, I was actually quite satisfied with the balanced message inherent in that decision. Continue reading

Mission and Vision: Celebrate

vision5Teaching is an art.  There is not a single answer to the question, “How should you teach?”  There is an interconnection between a teacher’s heart, their mind, their technique, and their students.  Thinking back to Professor Fitch, she taught with a grace and patience that allowed for laughter and levity while never losing sight of the lesson, when others may have focused on learning targets and classroom expectations.  Laugh when there are moments that deserve laughter, and create moments for laughter if they’re absent.  Finding humor in small things has helped me to maintain my sanity (arguably).  

Continue reading

Mission & Vision: Collaborate

vision4Our students need more from us than any one person can provide.  The only viable option to reach all of our students is collaboration with a team of caring adults, both teachers and parents alike.   Continue reading

Vision and Mission: Create

Many years ago in my undergraduate days at Seattle Pacific University, I was privileged to take part in several classes taught by the late professor of biology, Cynthia Fitch.  A finer teacher I have never met, and her guidance and words have stayed in my heart and mind to this day. Continue reading

Vision and Mission Statement: Intro

I’ve tried my darnedest for the past several months to separate my work vision from my personal life vision, but I’ve found little success in my efforts.  Then recently I had a realization…  As a wise maritime philosopher once said: “I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.”  In the first chapter of Courage to Teach, Parker Palmer writes about this idea: “Good teaching cannot be reduced to technique; good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher.” (Palmer, 2007, p. 10)  I am a librarian and a teacher.  I am a geek and a nerd.  I am a husband and a father.  And in all of those roles, I find myself guided by three core principles. Continue reading

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