Born and raised in a small town in Eastern Washington. Started off in the early 80’s with a Vic-20 then quickly progressed to a Commodore 64 and Apple IIe and continue to move onward and upward with technology.  Now I’m up to knees in iPads, Kindles, Android tablets, Chromebooks, PCs, and more!  K-5 Librarian at day, dad of 3 amazing kids always.  B.A. in Fine & Applied Arts from Seattle Pacific University, then back to the University of WA for my Library Media Specialist Endorsement. I’ve been working in K-5 elementary libraries in the Pacific Northwest for about 15 years, and recently have returned to Seattle Pacific University as a graduate student in their M.Ed. in Digital Educational Leadership program.

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Personal Vision & Mission Statement

Vision & Mission Statement - long form

Personal Vision & Mission Statement posts

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Part 2 — Create

Part 3 — Collaborate

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Part 5 — Technology & Balance